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                     The Studio@Tooting, 2017

2019 Spring and Summer program of Workshops and Classes.

Please email info@michaelchekhovstudio.org.uk if you need more infomation or wish to register for the 2019 Program.

International Workshop - Madrid - May 2019

2019 Autumn program of Workshops and Classes to be announced: Weekly Evenings & Weekend Workshops.

GRAHAM DIXON develops the work of Michael Chekhov for 21st Theatre Practitioners

   Graham Dixon 

          Director and Founder 

of the Michael Chekhov Studio London. The MCSL provides a space for actor artists to invigorate and expand their performing techniques. The workshops and classes will bring alive your imaginative capacities and help you to develop a unique approach to  your acting and to your life. It is a space where actors are free to experience, research, discover and practice.


    Simon Callow

           MCSL, Patron

Graham Dixon                      showed the work of Michael Chekhov for what it is: an unique tool for findind the vocal and physical expression of the fantasy of the actor, for making the inner life manifest. Anyone who feels earthbound in voice or body should attend  a workshop led by Graham.

 The Studio@Tooting     

  A New Home for the MCSL                                          

GRAHAM has opened his own studio space in Tooting, South London, giving the MCSL   a new home!                      

The new Studio@Tooting will allow us to                                              develop a potent and creative studio atmosphere.

All information about future Classes, Workshops, and Private Coaching.

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