MCSL presents its annual Summer Intensive Workshop...


QUANTUM ACTING   -  20% Reduction for past participants of the MCSL        

Michael Chekhov’s Unique Approach to the Art of Acting

24 JULY - 28 JULY 2017:  WEEK ONE

 31 JULY - 4 AUGUST 2017: WEEK TWO

Workshop led by Graham Dixon  

Director and Founder of the MCSL

What is Quantum Acting?

Quantum Acting: what does it mean?  It is about space and time as a continuum: how to create space and how to ‘hold’ it.  

A space where something can happen, something can enter in to it.  

Quantum Physics has penetrated the atom to its smallest particle. Physicists call this the quantum level or quantum field in the ‘spacetime’.  There, it is found that all is light and information - all is consciousness - and there is no separation between ourselves and every other thing in the universe.

Michael Chekhov’s approach to the art of acting is equally holistic and creative : whereby we connect to the Principles and develop a relationship with them, as they are the Principles that form the basis of our earthly and spiritual existence.

Our WHOLE existence.

If creativity is the restoration of order as we relate to this ‘chaos’ of the Principles, then each aspect of Chekhov’s approach leads us to the source of our own creative potential. 

THEATRE is also a ‘spacetime’ where something happens, where an event takes place.  This is why we use the word THEATRE in a non-theatrical sense, in phrases like ‘the theatre of war’ or ‘the operating theatre’ in a hospital. 

With THEATRE, a physical or non-physical cum metaphysical space or place has been created or set up where something that is planned  happens and which may turn out one way or the other : the battle is either lost or won, the patient on the operating table either dies or recovers, the actor fails or succeeds!

Thus, THEATRE is a quantum field of zero point energy called a Zero Point Field : a state of lowest energy, not a state of no energy.  It is a space awaiting and supporting something to happen within it.  But WHAT and HOW?

We can try to create that space by ritual (either religiously or by a simple act of drawing a circle on the ground which will hold what we wish to manifest) or we can actually create that space in the here-and-now by working with the Principles in the Zero Point Field, which bring about a genuinely vivid theatre space.

We shall have created a ‘spacetime’ where things of an unseen nature may come about, like: the soul realm of feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories, images, and the essence of a person or character.

In theatrical terms, we would be able to speak of the embodiment of the character (which the actor is portraying) from working with the Principles AND the field of zero point energy.  In this sense, we can now talk about Quantum Acting.


We will practice how to create or set up this Zero Point Field (or the Universal Field of Consciousness).

Week One: The foundation Principles of Chekhov’s approach will be introduced; most importantly, the psychophysical or

body-soul connection, which leads on to our connecting with the environment - the space and people around us (ensemble).

Week Two: We shall apply to texts and scene work the Principles that were exercised in Week One thus practicing how we  begin to access this “other” level of acting called Quantum Acting.

COURSE FEES   - 20% Reduction for past participants of the MCSL

£350 : Week One

£590 : Week One & Week Two


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London SW12


1st Week: Monday 24th to Friday 28th July

2nd Week: Monday 31st - Friday 4th August


10am - 5pm Monday to Friday


Please come with a short learned monologue and a nursery rhyme.


Please wear loose comfortable clothing and soft footwear with no heels in which to work, as your feet need to sense the floor easily.Please, no trainers or sports shoes.


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