4. Tuning the Instrument or Neutral Gear

1. Archetypal Principles

  1. 2.The Psycho/Physical Connection

3. Psychological Gesture

5. Sense Imagination

6. Giving, Receiving and the Change Over

  1. 7.Applying the Technique to Film and TV

8. Sense & Space Imagination

9. How Do I Create Feelings

10. Michael Chekhov & Shakespeare

11. How Not To Get In The Way Of The Creative Process

12. What does it mean to be Spontaneous as an Actor

Vakhtangov Study Day

Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance

10 May 2014   Hosted by The Stanislavski Centre

Filmed by Michael Craig of Copernicus Films

Guest Speaker: Andrei Maleav Babel

with the participation of Graham Dixon