Private Lesson & Coaching

Graham Dixon’s Interview Private Lesson & Coaching ? 18 November 2017


Working on audition pieces or preparing for a rôle for Theatre, TV or Film?  

This imaginative and inspiring way of working will enable you, without undue intellectual fever, to find the essence of the character very quickly, to build poise and confidence and to experience the right approach and style of your performance. 

Not able to attend the Classes or Workshops at the Studio@Tooting?  

A  Skype session or two will certainly enable you to come to the optimum level in your performace as described above and help you to achieve the breakthrough necessary to make a difference in your creation of the rôle.

Price for a 90 minute Private session:  £70.00                                                                                 Email to enquire or to book Private Coaching or Skype sessions

                                                                                                                                                 SKYPE or FACETIME SESSIONS

Email for a 60 minute Skype session

Price per Skype session:  £50.00                                                                                                     Email to enquire about Private Coaching or Skype sessions

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