Two Week Summer Intensive - The Keys to Acting Freedom
Monday, 15th to Friday, 19th & Monday, 22th to Friday, 26th.- 10am to 2pm.

How many keys do we need to open a door?

And when we open the door with the one key, what other keys do we need to open the other doors that lead into other rooms.

Here are some of the keys that we will be using to enter into those other rooms of Inspired Acting:

  • The key to the body/soul connection, what Chekhov called the 'Psycho/Physical'. The intimate connection between our physical instrument and our inner-life.
  • The key to open the processes of how we as actors perceive and the difference of how our character perceives and views their world.
  • The key to experiencing the great archetypes of Receiving and Giving (response and stimulus) and the secret of the 'In-Between’.

Preparation:  Four or five lines from a nursery rhyme and a learnt text, classical or modern. 

Video link to The Five Pillars of Acting Freedom https://youtu.be/krUXxr-lEIw 

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