WEEKEND WORKSHOPS - Text - Gesture - Character                                                            Saturdays and Sundays, 2018 - 10am to 5pm

January:    Saturday, 20th & Sunday, 21st                                                                               February:   Saturday, 17th & Sunday, 18th                                                                                  March:       Saturday, 17th & Sunday, 18th

3 Weekends: £360.00  -  A Single Weekend:  £135.00

About the Weekend  Workshops:

  1. You will learn a new method of working with Text, not script analysis, but an imaginative way through a new and novel approach of improvising which spontaneously unlocks the Gesture of the Character. 
  2. We then experience how the Character speaks and moves and perceives independently but, at the same time, through us and with us.
  3. The actor is then the Puppet AND the Puppet Master!

Download the Registration Form                                                                                                                     Print the form, fill it out and then email it back to:                                   info@michaelchekhovstudio.org.uk

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