The Keys to Acting Freedom - led by Graham Dixon
Saturday, 29th and Sunday, 30th June, 2019 - 10am to 2pm

There are many keys that open the door to stress-free and inspired acting.
Here are some of the keys which we will explore in the June Weekend Workshop.

  • The key to the body/soul connection, what Chekhov called the 'Psycho/Physical'. The intimate connection between our physical instrument and our inner-life.
  • The key that allows us to experience the great archetypes of Receiving and Giving (response and stimulus) and the secret of the 'In-Between’.
  • The key that unlocks the secrets of the Text.  No more paralysing Script Analysis.

Preparation:  Four or five lines from a nursery rhyme and a learnt, short text. 

Please email info@michaelchekhovstudio.org.uk if you need more infomation or wish to register for the June Weekend Workshop.

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