Speak the Speech.
15th May to 31st May 2018
Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays - 10am to 2pm  

How to Shakespeare.                                                       
12th June to 28th June 2018
Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays - 10am to 2pm  

1 Intensive:   £435.00
2 Intensives:  £785.00

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About the Three Week Intensives:

Speak the Speech15th May to 31st May 2018.
Hamlet advised his actors to “Speak the speech, I pray you, trippingly on the tongue.”

In this Speech Intensive, we will experience, through movement and gesture, the basic artistic elements of speech and voice.

  • The difference between consonants and vowels. 
  • The difference in style when speaking verse or prose.
  • The synthesis of fluency and articulation or freedom and resistance.
  • The six gestures of speech to create vocal flexibity. 
  • The three basic styles in speaking: Lyric, Dramatic, and Epic.
  • The importance of metre in verse drama. 
  • A new way of artistic breath control.

1 Intensive:   £435.00
2 Intensives:  £785.00

How to Shakespeare 12th June to 28th June 2018
Shakespeare’s text is your friend, it will confide in you and tell you all its secrets.

In this Shakespeare Intensive, we will experience an entirely imaginative, not intellectual, approach to understanding Shakespeare, his characters and how to bring them to life.

  • We will experience, as movement, some of Chekhov’s fundamental principles such as the Psycho/Physical connection between our instrument (the physical body) and our inner or soul life (our psyche).  
  • Also, how the new basic ball exercise of Giving, Receiving and the In-Between allows us to synthesize Word and Gesture in an artistic and new super-rational way.
  • Find how the Gesture, like a wave, carries the meaning and the emotional content of the text.
  • Discover the new non-intellectual approach to text analysis called Receiving Reading. 
  • How to improvise a scene for it to reveal to you its structure and dynamic.
  • Learn how to play with the words to reveal their hidden Gesture and meaning. 
  • Freeing the personal Will to access your own selfless, creative Will. 

1 Intensive:  £435.00                                                                                                                           2 Intensives: £785.00

To register your interest, please email: 

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