The Inspired Actor.
2nd to 25th October
Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays - 10am to 2pm  

The Improvising  Actor                                                       
6th to 29th November. 
Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays - 10am to 2pm  

1 Intensive:   £435.00
2 Intensives:  £785.00                                                                   

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About the Four Week Intensives:

The Inspired Actor - 2nd to 25th October                                                                                                                  

  • How to have fun in doing what we love instead of having a nervous breakdown in creating a part!
  • For those who are new to Michael Chekhov’s work and for those who wish to reconnect again, we shall experience through the principles of Movement, Speech and Transformation, how uncomplicated and easy it is to become inspired in our work.
  • Each day will be devoted to one aspect of these three major principles, (Movement, Speech and  Character) and to applying them to text and scene work.
  • This Intensive will culminate in a demonstration performance of our work.

The Improvising Actor - 6th to 29th November

  • Experience a radical new method of improvisation to reveal the essence of a role to ensure it differs from your personality and will be devoid of clichés. 
  • How to experience a balance between limitation and creative freedom when improvising rather than just “winging it”.
  • In Michael Chekhov’s terms, improvisation is a means to an end, not an end in itself. And what is that end?  
  • To connect to our higher creative self or the ‘real actor’ within – the artistic part that ‘knows and informs’. 
  • And, at the same time, creating a genuine ensemble feeling with our fellow actors.
  • This Intensive will culminate in a demonstration performace of our work.

To register your interest, please  email:

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