Graham's Blog

“Blog"  is such a strange word.  It’s really means Web-log.

So let's call this informal conversation a Fireside Chat rather than a Blog!

So I will chat to you about all sorts of things: 

  • About my thoughts of how a New Acting and a New Theatre may come about.
  • Stories that I would like to tell about how I came to understand this new way of working.
  • Other bits and pieces which I hope will deepen your understanding of what it means to be an actor artist 
  • When I see live performances, I will attempt to communicate to you what worked, what didn’t and why.

As it will also be posted on the MCSL Facebook page, you will be able to comment so then it will be a real conversational Fireside Chat

I am looking forward to meeting with you often around the warm hearth of our mutual artistic endeavours. 

First Post: The Training for the Future - The How of Now.

More information about the different ways of working with us.

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