A new acting workshop

Momentum: (noun) The impetus gained by a moving object.


Any creative process is about movement, whether this is physical or inner movement, movement in time and space is the main ingredient for creation.


This workshop will allow us to finally work in the room, in small groups and explore the creative principles pointed out by Michael Chekhov.


“If my job as an actor is to create realities on stage or in front of the camera, using the creative principles that are constantly operating in the most perfect creation, life, is a way of tapping into an endless, unlimited, abundant, full of potential creative zone”

Learn how to gain creative momentum, allowing the infinite potential of the world of imagination be your creative guide, learn to surrender to it, leave behind the intellectual mind and tap into a bigger control, create and experience characters, feelings, realities, emotions -in motion.


The objective of this workshop is to create a space where actors can develop a relationship with the creative principles and experience how to create, or better said to allow, to incarnate realities that are received from the world of imagination while discovering their full and endless acting potential.


We are extremely excited to finally be able to see you all atudio in London and together create this workshop!


MCSL team.


Booking and info:


Dates and venues for 2022 
will be announced shortly