International Workshops



Online Workshops - July 2020

International Workshops 

We are also available to accept invitations to give Master Classes and/or Workshops in your country.

You can decide on a theme to suit your needs or here are some possible themes for you to choose: 

  • The Master Key to Acting Freedom - The basic pyscho/physical exercises of Michael Chekhov and those in which I have developed for the present students of our time.

  •  How the Character Finds You - No longer do we build a character but through working with imaginative principles we open to receive the impulses from the creative realm.

  • The Improvising Actor - Lessening the stranglehold of the intellect to find spontaneous joy in our performances.

  • Speak the Speech I Pray You - How Hamlet’s advice to the players can be a springboard to enliven an over-mechanistic or a one-sided technical approach to Voice and Speech training. 


The Fee:  Upon Application* 

* The fee for these classes would depend very much on the duration of the workshop, the number of participants attending and the distance travelled.  Expenses such as air travel, accommodation and food would be included in the fee. 

If you would be interested in having a Master Class or a Workshop in your country, please email with possible dates and an approximate number of participants that would be attending.  We will then be in contact with you.


Email to :

Melikhovo, Russia, August, 2016

Rimini, Italian, June 2015   

Valencia, Spain, November 2015

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