Due to current events we unfortunately have to postpone our London workshop "Improvisation: Creative Space" scheduled for April 17th, 18th and 19th. 

Improvisation: inspired acting/The joy of acting/ creative space...

About the workshop: 


“Only artists united by true sympathy in an Improvising Ensemble can know the joy of unselfish, common creation”.- Michael Chekhov


• Can we really have fun in doing what we love or must I have a nervous breakdown in creating a part?

• Is there more to improvisation than just “winging” it (uncontrolled freedom)?


• Learn Chekhov’s approach to free and complete expression of one’s creative Self and find the “real” actor within you. The genuine artistic part of you, not just the

ordinary, small, everyday self.


• Learn the skills to develop your own interpretation of a rôle ensuring that it differs from your personality and devoid of clichés.


• And all this leads to a genuine connection to your fellow actors - a real ensemble feeling.

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