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With the rapid changes and concerns the world has experienced in the last years, we have realized that our approach to the Michael Chekhov technique and the craft of acting needed to change. Constant change is essential to keep up with the times, maintain this work, and develop a new and inspired acting awareness.

Searching for new ways of approaching creativity, based on our experience working with actors from across the globe, we realized the importance of needing to adapt our programs to the changing demands of the life of an actor today. As a result, we have redesigned the structure of the Michael Chekhov studio to offer a new way of training.

This year in our workshops, we offer a new opportunity to develop the technique by giving the participants the experience of performing in front of an audience in different venues in London. From September to June, there will be a total of three performing workshops while continue to offer our regular technique workshops: “The six pillars of acting freedom” and three play workshops.


PERCEPTION. A workshop to enhance and tune the actor´s perceptive abilities, to help them develop a deeper relationship with the world of imagination and maintain their focus on the receptive mode during the creative process.  Perception is key to understanding the Michael Chekhov Technique.  Come join us in this in person one day acting workshop, taking place at our studio in London: 48 Vectis Road SW17 9RG (Tooting Broadway) from 10 am to 3pm.


Very limited places available* 

info and booking:


Songs fro. the invisible WKP.PNG

Some of our actors after the performance of Songs from the invisible at the Actor's Church in Covent Garden, London. October 2022

Reheasing at the Ince´s Hall Theatre. Gibraltar, April 2023

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