the studio at tooting


What is the Studio at Tooting ?

The Studio@Tooting is a place where actors can come, learn and develop there technique, have there questions answered, not only conceptual questions, but burning questions: How can I develop my work ?  Is there  another way ? Is there a space where I can grow with fellow actors, and experiment in the work and take my work further?….  

For Who and Why?

….For people who really want to extend themselves, develop their work, and grow also as human being….  

….It’s all about inner development, as the same time, developping within our profession…. 


What is the difference between a Studio and a School ?

….in some way, they are similar, because you go to School to learn something…. because you want to be something, you want to develop skills and tools to enable you to do what your profession requires you to do … a School is for a certain lenght of time…. at the end of that time, you get a piece of paper called a certificate….

….whereas a Studio, there is no certificate; the work, the development and the diploma you give yourself - you actually, you yourself, to develop and achievewhat you want to achieve as an actor, as an artist and human being, that’s always a life time work….



What sort of actor or artist could be interested ?

….people who are just beginning, who have burning questions, who have done some sort of training already, though this is not a School, the basics you can learn, the basic acting exercises, you go into the basics of what this new approach is, what the Michael Chekhov approach is, and how I develop those basics further with new exercises….

….and also those people within the middle of their career, who feel a bit burned out or why did I do this in the first place, and they can be refired, reinspired again by working in the Studio….

Graham Dixon