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the studio at tooting


What is the Studio at Tooting ?

The Studio @Tooting is a cousy and inspiring venue that offers an ideal enviroemnt for actors to explore and develope their talent, for those who are starting and want to understand some of the basic and fundamental principles of this technique and for those who want to expand their skills beyond their limits taking their craft to a different level. The Studio is also known as a place for professionals in the middle of their careers that need to be refired and reinspired again.


This year we are finally able to offer our participants a perfoming experince with the newly created MCSL company, which will allow them to understand the diffenrece between training and performing, which are two completly different mindsets.

Graham Dixon, founder of the Studio created this artistic sanctuary in London thinking of artists that really wanted to expand themselves, develop their work within their profession and consecuently as human beings as it is all about inner develpment.


What is the difference between a Studio and a School ?

A School is for a certain lenght of time whereas a Studio has its doors always open no matter what stage of your career you are at. It is a training space that is in constant movement and transformation. All the programs are desgined acording to the relationship stablished with the participants and their needs.


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