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2020 Autumn/winter PROGRAM


​Michael Chekhov Online Master Classes with Iñigo Galiano and Graham Dixon

September 22nd-December 17th 2020

Training Goals: ​

  • These Master Classes will allow you to explore from a practical point of view the principles of Michael Chekhov that will reveal the real actor within you and the endless,  exciting and joyful source of inspiration that, even when ignored most of the time, is always there available for us.

  • Go beyond the limits of your intellect and enter a space of creative imagination. 

  • Take your acting skills to the next level, to the theatre of the future, the theatre of now.


The Program: ​

  • Aims to establish the main pillars upon which the Chekhov approach is built.

  • Provides participants with practical exercises that will allow them to strengthen their creative capacities and acting techniques, leading them towards a place in which they will eventually be able to own to this way of working by themselves. 

  • Offers them something tangible upon which they can build their creative work, careers, and most importantly their relationship with their own unique path of the actor.


Why Chekhov: ​

  • The Michael Chekhov Technique is considered one of the most revolutionary approaches for acting practitioners.

  • Known as Hollywood’s best kept secret in the 1950s, its benefits go beyond pursuing excellent acting results.

  • It helps an actor to experience and explore the freedom and creative joy of the world of imagination as a real and artistic alternative to the intellectualized and formulaic methods that limit a performance.

  • Many of the practices available to actors and directors are based upon ‘closed systems’ which look inside one’s own psychology to create a character and to find feelings.

  • Chekhov’s approach is different. It is an ‘open system’ that enables the actor to ‘tap into’ or to access directly an objective creative world using a heightened ability to imagine and sense.

  • The resultant feelings, thoughts and will impulses will be natural, unforced and true. And bring you joy!

  • Michael Chekhov’s unique approach to the art of acting endeavours to meet the growing number of student and professional actors who are looking for answers to the question: ‘Is there another way?’

  • Is it possible to balance the demands of a quickening, fast-paced and competitive profession with one's inner striving and ideals as an actor?

  • Is it possible to aspire to be a theatre, television and film actor and continue to preserve your artistic integrity?

  • Are modern actors compelled to play only to type or is it possible to transform ourselves into ‘something other?

Schedule: Training sessions will be led by ​Inigo Galiano​ and will take place every Tuesday from 22nd of September until the 17th of December, from 6 to 8 pm (UK time). Every other Wednesday there will be a special session with ​Graham Dixon​. Full details will be forwarded to the selected participants.

Total hours: ​This online training has a total of 35 hours

Price: ​£​500

Applications: ​We offer a very limited number of places for this online master to ensure the quality of the sessions. A maximum of 7 applicants will be selected.

To Apply​: Please send us an email to ​​ with your name, contact details and a short explanation of why you are interested in this program. We will contact you for an online interview.


About Graham and Iñigo:

Graham​ has been involved in Michael Chekhov work as a professional actor, director and teacher for nearly 50 years having studied with and met many of Chekhov's original students. He is recognized internationally as one of the most important teachers in this approach to acting.

“I don’t see the MCSL just offering courses and workshops. It is not my aim to start another Drama School. I hope it will become a ‘living space’ where we can study and explore, perform and learn, and all work together to help bring about what I call ‘TheTheatre of the NOW’.”


After a conventional acting training in Spain and the UK, ​Inigo​ met Graham in one of his workshops, almost by accident. Since then they have been working together offering workshops around the world.


Inigo is currently leading most of the workshops and private sessions at the MCSL, combining this passion with his career as actor, writer and producer.


Iñigo says, “Meeting Graham was a confirmation of something that I could intuit but not fully understand or own. This unique approach to Michael Chekhov gave me, for the first time, something tangible, a solid parting point where to start this exciting and inspiring artistic journey of being an actor”


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