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Regular training master classes

Stage Mist

"Real inspired acting is never doing, it is always happening"

Michael Chekhov

Training Goals: ​

  • These Master Classes will allow you to explore from a practical point of view the principles of Michael Chekhov that will reveal the real actor within you and the endless,  exciting and joyful source of inspiration that, even when ignored most of the time, is always there available for us.

  • Go beyond the limits of the intellect and enter a space of creative imagination. 

  • Take your acting skills to the next level, to the acting of the future, the acting of now.


The Program: ​

This unique training program consists of four levels that will help you to develop and understand your acting skills in a revolutionary way. 90 min. sessions will take place once a week and there will not be more than 6 participants per session to ensure the quality of your experience.



-The Master Key to Acting Freedom:  understanding your instrument. On this first level we will focus on the relationship with your acting instrument and will explore it through simple and fun exercises in order to tune it and take it to its fullest potential.


-Inspired Acting: creating realities: believe it or not, your job, as an actor, is to create realities on stage or in front of a camera. How do we create these realities? how do we access the infinite creative potential of the world of imagination without getting stuck in the intellect? Discover the real meaning of improvisation and how to tap into the creative principles of chekhov.  



-The acting of now: only in the present moment one is really able to create, learn how to be present and use time, movement and space as your ingredients to create worlds, feelings, characters, scenes...


-Text, Gesture and Character: The text is a gold mine, gesture is your support, let the character tell you about itself. Learn how to receive everything you need to know from the text without imposing or interpreting, use the gesture as your support and vehicle to the essence of a character, scene, play... don´t build a character, invite it in, it already exists! 



-Spatial imagination, inner feelings and outer atmospheres: create, transform!  be and create in the space, the  same space you share with the audience or camera, learn how to change and transform it, learn to use your imaginative faculties and take the audience on a journey with you.



-Chekhov for the camera: Camera, veil it, action! apply the principles of chekhov to camera acting, get the quick and outstanding results that are demanded in the frantic rhythm of the film industry. Did you know that Chekhov was considered Hollywood best kept secret?



Available globally online (zoom)



90 mins. Every Tuesday at 5.30 pm (UK time) and Wednesdays at 1 pm (UK time)


£25 per session when booking a minimum of 5 sessions

Please note that there is a maximum of 6 people per session in order to guarantee the quality of your training.


HOW TO APPLY: Please send us an email to ​​ with your name, contact details and a short explanation of why you are interested in this program. We will contact you for an online interview.










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