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2020 Autumn/winter PROGRAM


with Inigo Galiano

available on Skype, Zoom or FaceTime

One to One Training:

This private online coaching program will be especially designed according to the needs and goals of the participant, working one to one and parting from the Michael Chekhov approach, each session will be individually designed.


Price: ​

​£50 first session

£45 second session

£35 ongoing sessions (minimum of 8 sessions)

Schedule: ​

60 minutes each session. Booking upon request. 


Booking and Info:





"If you are reading this as convincer to work on your craft with Inigo then read no further; just do it! You will have the honour of working with one of the most intuitive and organic acting "conduits'' of this age. Yes, Inigo has a deeply rooted understanding of Chekov's work but more than that, Inigo has innate abilities to impart principle based understandings to you in your own individual and unique style of learning and receiving. Have fun, this work goes deep and will help you to access personal resources that you can utilise in your own work at any time. Don't take yourself too seriously but take the work seriously as it is very powerful and really trust in the fact that Inigo will challenge and guide you on the extremely interesting journey to your acting goals. Wishing you all the every best on your acting expedition"

​United Kingdom

“I have enjoyed a series of sessions with Chekhov Studio teacher Inigo Galiano with the aim of improving personal expression and learning more about the Chekhov method. What I got was far more than I expected. While always focused on my goals and practical results, Inigo introduced me to the principles in a clearly structured and truly inspiring way. Regarding the results, it is no exaggeration to say that it was one of the best decisions I have made in years. What I have taken with me will occupy me for a long time to come. When it's all sunk in, I will no doubt return for more!”


"Working with Inigo simply feels right. He is someone who is patient and understanding. knows his stuff and all in all he is a pleasant company (virtually ;) ) to have."