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2020 Autumn/winter PROGRAM


with Inigo Galiano

Coaching for Public Speaking 

available on Skype, Zoom or FaceTime

The importance of public speaking: As humans we are a social species that is constantly looking for relationships, with others, nature, our selves, our present, past, future... which brings the important need to communicate, to tell a story, to inspire and to be inspired. If we think of the biggest events in history, they were possible thanks to this human capacity of transmitting and spreading ideas, dreams, possibilities. In fact, the most renowned leaders and successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common, they know how to touch and inspire their audience.


The world is rapidly changing and we must keep up with the needs of this new time where everything is turning virtual. Communication and public speaking as well as online presentations have become a core skill for professionals of any field. We could say that today, in a competitive and globalized world, there is a  stronger need to reach and touch your audience, clients or team, more than ever we could say that good communication equals success.


Our approach: The Michael Chekhov approach to acting has helped numerous performers to enhance their creative capacities and to develop a more meaningful relationship with their audience while on stage. After years of experience, we have designed a unique online training to help executives, directors, team leaders and managers to develop their leadership, communication, public speaking, concentration and creative skills.


If you struggle to connect with your organization, team or clients and suffer from anxiety and nerves when doing pitch presentations or in meetings, we want you to know that these fears are normal and  that with the right mind set it can turn into fuel to your success.  As for performers, there is also for you a creative and inspiring way of getting over this hindrances and experience your full potential in a easy and joyful way, enhancing  your creative capacities, crucial in a  fast speed competitive world,improving your communication skills and learning to listen and deliver your message in an engaging and inspiring way. 


This work will allow you to:


- Tell your story, your message in a meaningful, direct and memorable way;

- Engage with your audience whether it's a large auditorium full of people, a reduced meeting group, an online presentation or a phone conversation;

- Discover your hidden talents and go beyond your own limitations;


- Develop your creativity and capacity for innovation;


- Influence  and inspire people, events and your own future.



Will be announced on our website (please email us for more details)

Customized programs: upon request (please email us for more details)

One to One sessions: upon request (please email us for more details)



£80 (60 mins)

£75 (60 mins) *when booking a minimum of 5 sessions


Available in English and Spanish 

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