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 # 08/01/21 Welcome to our new online Q&A sessions

# 14/01/21 What to do when I freeze on set or on stage. Erik, Sweden

# 22/01/21 Train your focus to overcome stage fright. Jason, U.K.

# 29/01/21Inspired acting: balance between masculine and feminine. Maria, Mexico

# 05/02/21How to relax and be present on set. Jaime, Spain

# 12/02/21 Use the principle of receiving to access the world of imagination. Sandra, U.K.

#19/02/21 Are acting classes a must or can I train by myself?. Chokkalingam Karaikkal, India

#26/02/21 How to train feelings and emotions. Julian, Argentina

#05/03/21 Psychological Gesture. Ema, Italy

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