the m.c. approach

Who was Michael Chekhov?

….Michael Chekhov was an actor who was born in Russia and died in Los Angeles, and I think that journey from Russia, to the coast of United State of America encapsulates his life. It also encapsulates the tragedy of the 20th Century, because he had to leave Russia, otherwise he would have been killed, imprisoned or sent of to a camp, because, as the director of the Second Moscou Art Theatre, working with impulses, spiritual impulses, that he was profoundly affected by….   

….I see the genius of Chekhov, that he was able to put into a artistic vocabulary the fundamental principles of a spiritual approach to the work …. the artist always connects with something that is not of the sense perceptible world, that’s what art is, and art really is, for the non-artist a way of accessing that non-perceptible world…. 

….so we could say, in a way, if Stanislavsky is more Freud, Michael Chekhov is more Carl Jung….