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classes & workshops


with Inigo Galiano

available on Skype, Zoom or FaceTime


"As Michael (Chekhov)'s pupil I learned more about acting. I learned psychology, history, and the good manners of art - taste"

Marilyn Monroe

Duo training:

Combine private and group training

With the fast changing scenario that we are experiencing globally new ideas and ways of working are being developed. Duo training combines private one on one sessions with  two group meetings every month where you can work with other actors from all around the world. It provides the space for you to test the results of your one on one private training experiencing the benefits of the group training program, this will allow you to take your craft to the next level in front of an audience, working on improvisation and doing scene and ensemble work.

All group sessions will have a maximum of 5 participants to ensure the quality of your experience.


To complete this program participants need to commit to a minimum of 5 private and 3 group sessions

 total price: £450


60 mins.  One on One sessions (booking time upon request)

Group sessions: Tuesdays at 5.30 pm and Wednesdays at 4.30 pm (UK time)

Booking and Info:

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''The Studio at Tooting is a beautiful place with a truly creative atmosphere. I have been fortunate to work there with Graham, who is an incredible teacher - clear, responsive, playful, and passionate. He is a gift and has helped me to enjoy greater freedom in my creative work and life. Thank you, Graham!"



  “Graham Dixon is a true gentleman. Working with him and his approach to acting is an expansive and exciting experience. The Checkov approach allows you to reach further than what you believe is possible, transcending your own limited ideas. It has re-ignited my passion for the craft”

United Kingdom

"I had to prepare an important role in English which is not my mother tongue and was struggling in the process of understanding the character and the natural intonation of the words, they didn't just helped me to achieve that, I was  also taken on a journey to the soul and essence of the language, a truly, magical and revealing experience that granted me permanent access to the character and the story throughout the whole creative process, it has been a personal and a professional triumph "  


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